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Giant P-47 Thunderbolt (TOPA0415)
Tech Notices

Parts Creation Error

Our apologies for the following error in parts creation. Please note that this affects all kits produced prior to 11/2000. Please simply check the orientation of your parts prior to assembly.

The letter embossing on the fuselage formers (5B, 6B, etc.) on the pre-November 2000 kits are on the wrong side of the formers. When adding the formers to the assembly with the embossed lettering facing forward (as instructed in the manual), the holes in the formers for the pushrods are a "mirror image" of where they are shown on the plan.

If you have not yet started on construction, all you have to do is add the formers to the assembly with the embossed lettering facing the rear.

If you have already glued in the formers, all you have to do is mount the rudder control horn to the right side of the rudder and flip the servo tray over.

This problem does not effect the forward firewall (FW).

Functional Gear Doors

If you would like to make the gear doors functional for flying, you will need to add a cutout or bump to the gear doors to allow clearance for the strut. By doing this the doors will fit flush with the bottom of the wing, but a portion of the strut will protrude.

If you prefer to maintain perfect scale lines, Robart has scale struts available which allow the doors to be completely flush with the bottom of the wing. Call Robart directly to order.

Note: For this application the retract mechanism should be mounted 1/4" closer to the bottom surface of the wing. Use 1/4" hardwood rails between the gear and the mount.


Tip: To make contoured gear doors, use three laminations of 1/64" ply glued with 30 minute epoxy. Cover the sheeting with thin plastic film (Saran wrap). Tape, and weight the door in place until the glue cures. Attach the doors to the strut with machine screws.


You may cut part way into the sheeting allowing the gear door to be flush with the sheeting.


The photo below shows the mechanism for activating the 2 piece door.


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