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F4U Corsair (TOPA0101)
Tech Notice

Note #1: The Top Flite Gold Edition Corsair got even better in 1997. Not sure if your kit is the newer, updated kit or the older version? Check the stock number on the end of the box. If it says TOPA0101, then yours is the newer kit and will accept the Top Flite Cockpit Kit. If it says TOPA0100, this is the older Gold Edition kit. If you have not yet begun assembly, you can purchase TOPQ8060, the Corsair update kit to build your older kit just like the newer models. However, if your kit's fuselage has already been started, then the update kit will be difficult to retrofit into your aircraft.

Note #2: We are constantly improving our products to increase their quality and to help our customers increase their success rate. For this reason some changes have been made to the manual. Version 3.0 is available on our manuals page.

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