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Trim Graphics Made Easy

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A neat logo from start to finish:

(click on photo for larger image)
a) Take a digital photograph or scan of the logo.
b) Trace the logo in AutoCAD, and separate the colors. Remember to allow for overlap to hold the pieces together! (Image in photo is filled with color to demonstrate the what the final graphic will look like.)
  c) Cut with a Stika cutter. (We printed all 4 pieces in each color. We only needed one of each.)
  d) Clean your piece of glass. Peel the excess MonoKote that's not needed off all 4 sheets.
e) Lift the base color off its backing and iron to the glass. (If it is complex, use Frisket to move it, then ease it onto the glass with a hobby knife. Do not attempt to iron through Frisket.)
f) Coat the base color with trim solvent where the second color will make contact. Lift the second color off its backing with Frisket and, aligning carefully, secure it to the base color. Peel off the Frisket. (Note the small rectangle of covering used to align all 4 pieces properly.)
  g) Repeat with each additional color.
  h) When the graphic is completely assembled, lift off the glass with Frisket and adhere to the model with Trim Solvent. That's it!!

Reprinted with permission.
July, 2000 R/C Modeler Magazine
Editor: Dick Kidd

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