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Trim Graphics Made Easy

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Products Used: Products used
Frisket: Badger's Foto/Frisket(tm) Film is a mildly-sticky film that leaves no residue. It is used by artists for temporary overlays and transfers because it won't lift off paints/etc and leaves no residue. This transparent, low-tack masking product comes in 8-1/2 x 11 sheets or in 24" x 15' rolls and is reusable. (Available through hobby shops and art supply stores, Badger #600 for 10 pack of 8-1/2x11 sheets; #620 for 24" x 15' rolls.)
Trim Solvent: Top Flite's Trim Solvent is a liquid activator for the normally-heat-activated adhesive of iron on coverings. Used sparingly, it adheres iron on covering to itself with an amazingly strong bond quickly and easily, with no bubbling whatsoever. Used in excess it will haze the color of the covering where it touches, and too much Trim Solvent used on a section of covering adhesive will dissipate all the adhesive, making the covering unable to stick. Trim Solvent in small amounts also cleans up color bleed around covering seams and off a hot covering iron's foot. (Available through hobby shops, TOPR6020.)
Trim Sheet: Most covering manufacturers produce matching colors of trim sheet, a self- adhesive-backed vinyl product designed for adding graphics and repairs to your model. Coverite also offers pre-made checkerboards, stars, letters and numbers to make sprucing up your model even easier. (Available through hobby shops.)
Roland Digital Group's Stika Cutters: These 2 vinyl cutting machines are basically computer printers which guide a cutting head instead of a print head. They will cut trim sheet, Frisket (for masking projects), or iron-on coverings which have been secured to manilla file folder to create stiffness. The standard Stika will take material up to 8-7/16" wide, cutting up to 6-1/4". The larger Stika Plus takes material up to 12" wide, with a 9-3/16" cutting width. (Available through Roland distributors, Stika SCP-85G.)
Scotch-Brite High Performance Cleaning Cloth: This is a toy we've been playing with, and loving, for years, and are thrilled to finally see on the market! This cleaner is an electrostatically charged, unique mesh cloth which will clean up fuel residue, gasoline slime, smoke oil, and almost anything else you can get on your aircraft with a single wipe! I've used mine to wash my entire car with no soap, but am 100% convinced its real strength is with grease. You simply dampen the cloth and wring it out, and wipe the fuel residue and grime off your model! Even if you never use it at the field or in your flight box, this towel is a must for cleaning fuel residue off covering before applying new logos, decals, and fresh covering. (Available at your favorite grocery store. Make your wife's her one too! 3M #9026, UPC # 0 5113177230 4.)
Manufacturer's information:
3M Home Care Division, PO Box 33068, St Paul MN 55133.
Badger Air-Brush Co, 9128 W Belmont Ave, Franklin Park, IL 60131,
Coverite, PO Box 9021, Champaign IL 61826-9021, (217) 398-8970,
Top Flite Models, Po Box 9021, Champaign IL 61826-9021, (217) 398-8970,
Roland Digital Group, 15271 Barranca Way, Irvine CA 92618, (949) 727-2100,

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July, 2000 R/C Modeler Magazine
Editor: Dick Kidd

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