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TOPA0980 B-25J Mitchell ARF Parts Listing

Item is discontinued. Parts may not be available.
Stock No.DescriptionPhoto
TOPA1700Wing Set Inboard & Outboard w/Control Surface B-25 ARF
TOPA1701Fuselage Set B-25 ARF
TOPA1702Horizontal & Vertical Tail Set w/Surface B-25 ARF
TOPA1703Engine Nacelle w/Internal Structure Left B-25 ARF
TOPA1704Engine Nacelle w/Internal Structure Right B-25 ARF
TOPA1706Cowling B-25 ARF
TOPA1707Dummy Engine Assembly B-25 ARF
TOPA1708Tail Cover w/Tail Gunner Window B-25 ARF
TOPA1709Waist Gunners and Top Turret Windows B-25 ARF
TOPA1710Wing Tube Set B-25 ARF
TOPA1711Main & Nose Landing Gear Set Fixed B-25 ARF
TOPA1712Landing Gear Doors Mains & Nose B-25 ARF
TOPA1713Cockpit Windscreen B-25 ARF
TOPA1714Cockpit Interior Set B-25 ARF
TOPA1715Nose Windscreen & Chin Set B-25 ARF
TOPA1716Nose Interior Set B-25 ARF
TOPA1717Machine Gun Barrels & Breach Set B-25 ARF
TOPA1718Fuel Tank Assembly B-25 ARF 
TOPA1719Propeller Hub B-25 ARF
TOPA1720Decal Set B-25 ARF
TOPA1721Building & Transport Cradle B-25 ARF

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