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Discontinued Kits

Gold Edition Kits - Some parts available

These kits have been discontinued but at the time of publication of this page some parts remain available. Please note that not all parts listed may be in stock, as we will not produce additional parts when our existing stock is depleted.

AT66 AT-6 Texan 60
CRSG F4U Corsair Giant
P51BG Giant P-51B Mustang
P51B P-51B Mustang 60
SIE4 Sierra 40 Trainer kit

We are unable to provide parts support for the following discontinued kits, however some plans and manuals are available as indicated on the chart below. If you wish to order any plans or manuals, please refer to the manuals FAQ for further information. Some manuals are available online and can be found on our manuals page.

Gold Edition Kit - Copies of Plans/Manuals Only Items Available. No Other Parts Available.

ZERO Hollywood Zero Limited Edition

Pre-Gold Edition Kits - Some manuals/plans available, no parts

Note: We are looking for copies listed as "NO" in the chart below. Please contact product support if you have an original plan set you would be willing to let us copy for our archives.

Kit DescriptionKit NumberManualTypePlans
Orion ***RC-1Yes Yes
RascalRC-2Written on plans Yes
Schoolboy ***RC-3Written on plans Yes
Tauri Trainer ****RC-4Written on plans Yes
Roar'in 20 RC-5Written on plans Yes
CessnaRC-6No No
TaurusRC-7Yes Yes
School Master ***RC-8Written on plans Yes
School Girl ***RC-9Written on plans Yes
Top DawgRC-10Written on plans Yes
HeadMaster ***RC-11AWritten on plans Yes
Kwik-Fli III ***RC-12Written on plans Yes
S.E. 5ARC-13Yes Yes
NoblerRC-14Yes Yes
Contender ***RC-15Written on plansSportYes
P-51B MustangRC-16Written on plansFighterYes
P-40 WarhawkRC-17Written on plans Yes
P-39 Aircobra (Bell)RC-18YesFighterYes
P-47 D Thunderbolt ('76)RC-19YesFighterYes
Freshman TrainerRC-20YesTrainerNo
F4U 1A CorsairRC-21+YesFighterYes
Contender 40 SportRC-22NoSportYes
F8F-2 BearcatRC-23YesFighterYes
HeadMaster 40 ARF 1 (RC)RC-24Written on plans Yes
A6M2 ZeroRC-25YesFighterYes
School Master II ***RC-26Written on plans Yes
HeadMaster Sport 40RC-27Yes No/ARF
J-3 Piper CubRC-28Yes Yes
MetrickRC-29Yes2 m SailplaneYes
Hot KanaryRC-30YesAerobatic BiplaneYes
Elder 20RC-32/32FYesBiplaneYes
Elder 40RC-33YesBiplaneYes
Holy SmokeRC-34YesBiplaneYes
Wristcrat ***RC-35NoHandlaunch SailplaneOrig copy
KittiWakeRC-36YesAerobatic SeaplaneYes
Phasoar 035RC-38YesSailplaneYes
NoblerN1Written on plansControl LineYes
Flite StreakN2Written on plansControl LineYes
Jr Flite StreakN3Written on plansControl LineYes
Baby Flite StreakN4Written on plansControl LineYes
Combat StreakN5Written on plansControl LineNo
Junior NoblerN6Written on plansControl LineYes
PeacemakerN7Written on plansControl LineYes
Combat CatsN8Written on plansControl LineYes
Double Kit Combat KittensN9Written on plansControl LineYes
Streak TrainerN10Written on plansControl LineYes
P51B StuntN11Written on plansControl LineNo
Cosmic WindN12Written on plansControl LineYes
 N13NoControl LineNo
Tutor AerobaticN14Written on plansControl LineYes
Gieseke NoblerN15Written on plansControl LineYes
P40 WarhawkS1Written on plansScale Control LineYes
P47 ThunderboltS2Written on plansScale Control LineYes
P51 MustangS3Written on plansScale Control LineYes
TigersharkS50Written on plansScale Control LineNo
Hawker HurricaneS51Written on plansScale Control LineNo
+The TOPQ8075 Cowl (for the current Corsair) will also fit this kit.

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