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To view these files you will need the free Adobe Reader which is available at: Adobe Reader Download Page. If you are having trouble opening large PDF files in your browser, right click on the file name, select "save as" and then open the file from your desktop (or wherever you stored the file).

Please note that "service manuals", "schematics" AutoCAD files or other technical drawings, except those provided with the product at original purchase, are proprietary information and are not available for sale, purchase or loan.

Wanted: Top Flite kit plans

Do you have quality, original Top Flite kit plans that are listed as "none available" in the chart below? If so and you're willing to let us borrow or purchase them, we'd like to hear from you. Just send us an email at Thank you.

Current Gold Edition Kits
DescriptionKit NumberParts ListManualTypePlansTech Notice
Cessna 182 Skylane Kit - TOPA0300CES6ListPDF 1.5MB v1.3Scale R/CSee parts listPDF Addendum
Contender Kit - TOPA0210 ListPDF 878 KBScale R/CSee parts list 
Douglas DC-3 Kit - TOPA0500DC3TListPDF 2.4 MBScale R/CSee parts list 
Elder 40 Kit - TOPA0215ELDAListPDF 2.3 MBScale R/CSee parts listTech Notice
F4U Corsair Giant Kit - TOPA0410CRSGListPDF 3.9 MBScale R/CSee parts listTech Notice
F4U Corsair Revised Kit - TOPA0101 CRS6ListPDF 2.4 MB v3.1Scale R/CSee parts listTech Notice
P-40E Warhawk Kit - TOPA0120P40-EListPDF 1.8 MB v2.0Scale R/CSee parts listTech Notice
P-47D Thunderbolt Giant Kit - TOPA0415P47GListPDF 3.9 MBScale R/CSee parts list 
P-47D Thunderbolt Kit - TOPA0135P476ListPDF 1.6 MB v2.1Scale R/CSee parts listTech Notice
P-51D Mustang Giant Kit - TOPA0400P51GListPDF 2.5 MBScale R/CSee parts list 
P-51D Mustang Kit - TOPA0110P-51DListPDF 3.1 MB v1.1Scale R/CSee parts list 
Spitfire MkIX Kit - TOPA0140SPF6ListPDF 1.7 MBScale R/CSee parts list 
Stinson Reliant Giant Kit - TOPA0310STNGListPDF 5.9 MBScale R/CSee parts list 
T-34B Mentor Kit - TOPA0160T349ListPDF 4.0MBScale R/C  
Current ARFs
DescriptionKit NumberParts ListManualTypePlansTech Notice
AT-6 Texan ARF - TOPA0965 ListPDF 1.6 MBScale R/Cn/a 
Cessna 182 ARF - TOPA0906 ListPDF 3.8 MBScale R/Cn/aPDF Tech Notice
Giant Corsair ARF - TOPA0704 ListPDF 2.8 MBScale R/Cn/a 
Giant Focke-Wulfe Fw 190 ARF - TOPA0706 ListPDF 1.9 MBScale R/Cn/aPDF Tech Notice
Giant P-40 Warhawk ARF - TOPA0705 ListPDF 2.1 MBScale R/Cn/aPDF Tech Notice
Giant P-47 Thunderbolt ARF - TOPA0703 ListPDF 1.7 MBScale R/Cn/aPDF Tech Notice
Giant P-47D Thunderbolt Razorback ARF - TOPA0714 ListPDF 1.8 MBScale R/Cn/a 
Giant P-51D Mustang ARF - TOPA0700 ListPDF 1.3 MBScale R/Cn/aTech Notice
Giant Zero A6M 50-55cc ARF - TOPA0712 ListPDF 2.1 MBScale R/Cn/a 
Mini Contender - TOPA1025 ListPDF 508 KBR/Cn/a 
Nobler ARF - TOPA1005 ListPDF 514 KBControl Linen/aTech Notice
P-51D Mustang 60 ARF - TOPA0950 ListPDF 1.7 MB v1.1Scale R/Cn/aTech Notice
Other Current Items
DescriptionKit NumberParts ListManualTypePlansTech Notice
Beechcraft Bonanza Cockpit Kit - TOPQ8402  PDF 403 KBn/a  
Cessna 182 Skylane Cockpit Kit - TOPQ8401  PDF 153 KBn/a  
F4U Corsair Cockpit Kit - TOPQ8404  PDF 28 KBn/a  
F4U Corsair Giant Cockpit Kit - TOPQ8407  PDF 23 KBn/a  
Fuel Drop Tank 108 Gallon - TOPQ7899  PDF 56 KBn/a  
P-47 Thunderbolt Cockpit Kit - TOPQ8405  PDF 56 KBn/a  
P-47D Thunderbolt Giant Cockpit Kit - TOPQ8410  PDF 36 KBn/a  
P-51D Mustang Giant Cockpit Kit - TOPQ8406  PDF 68 KBn/a  
Piper Arrow II Cockpit Kit - TOPQ8414  PDF 144 KBn/a  
Power Point Magnetic Balancer - TOPQ5700 ListPDF 94 KB v2.0n/a  
Replica Radial Engine 1/5 Scale - TOPQ7903  PDF 46 KBn/a  
Replica Radial Engine 1/7 Scale - TOPQ7901  PDF 76 KBn/a  
Replica Radial Engine 1/8 Scale - TOPQ7902  PDF 128 KBn/a  
Sea Fury Cockpit Kit - TOPQ8412  PDF 55 KBn/a  
SmartCut Trim Tool - TOPR2400  PDF 1.9 MBn/a  
SmartStripe Cutting Tool - TOPR2420  PDF 680 KB v1.1n/a  
Spitfire Cockpit Kit - TOPQ8403  PDF 29 KBn/a  
Stinson SR9 Cockpit Kit - TOPQ8409  PDF 197 KBn/a  
T34 Mentor Cockpit Kit - TOPQ8413  PDF 125 KBn/a  
Tricycle Landing Gear  PDF 1.0 MBn/a  
Zero ARF Giant Drop Tank - TOPA1956  PDF 396 KBn/a  
Discontinued Planes & Accessories
DescriptionKit NumberParts ListManualTypePlansTech Notice
AT-6 Texan 60 - TOPA0130AT-6FAQPDF 1.2MBScale R/CSpecial Order 
B-25 Mitchell Bomber ARF - TOPA0980 ListPDF 2.1 MBScale R/Cn/aTech Notice
Beechcraft Bonanza - TOPA0305 BON7ListPDF
Part 1 (1.6 MB);
Part 2 (1.4 MB)
Scale R/CSee parts listTech Notice
Cessna 310 ARF - TOPA0910 ListPDF 1.0 MBScale R/Cn/aTech Notice
F4U Corsair 60 ARF - TOPA0951 ListPDF 1.6 MBScale R/Cn/aPDF Tech Notice
Flite Streak - TOPA1000 ListPDF 248 KBControl Linen/a 
Focke-Wulf 190 D9 Kit - TOPA0150FW60ListPDF 4.1MBScale R/CSee parts listTech Notice
Fuel Drop Tank 75 Gallon - TOPQ7900  PDF 56Kn/a  
Giant Beechcraft Staggerwing ARF - TOPA0905 ListPDF 1.3 MBScale R/Cn/aTech Notice
Giant Spitfire 50-50cc ARF - TOPA0708 ListPDF 1.7 MBScale R/Cn/aPDF Tech Notice
PDF Addendum
P-39 Airacobra Kit - TOPA0145P396ListPDF 1.2MBScale R/CSee parts list 
P-40 Warhawk 60 ARF - TOPA0970  PDF 1.4 MBScale R/Cn/aTech Notice
P-47 Thunderbolt 60 ARF - TOPA0955 ListPDF 1.3 MBScale R/Cn/a 
P-51B Mustang - Giant - TOPA0405P51BGFAQPDF 1.7MBScale R/CSpecial Order 
Piper Arrow II Kit - TOPA0290ARO6ListPDF 4.6 MBScale R/CSee parts listTech Notice
R/C Nobler 25 - TOPA0220RCN4ListPDF 2.6MBScale R/CSee parts list 
Score ARF - TOPA1020  PDF 606 KBControl Linen/a 
Sea Fury Kit - TOPA0155SEAF6ListPDF 3.9 MBScale R/CSee parts list 
Sierra 40 Trainer ARF - TOPA1000S40ARFFAQFAQTrainerSpecial Order 
Sierra 40 Trainer Kit SIE4 PDF 4.6MBTrainerSpecial Order 
Tutor II ARF - TOPA1010  PDF 369 KBControl Linen/a 
Discontinued Red Box Pre-Gold Edition Kits
DescriptionKit NumberParts ListManualTypePlansTech Notice
Orion (S)RC-1 PDF 153K Special Order 
RascalRC-2 Written on plans Special Order 
SchoolboyRC-3 Written on plans Special Order 
Tauri TrainerRC-4 Written on plans Special Order 
Roar'in 20 RC-5 Written on plans Special Order 
Cessna 172RC-6 Written on plans Special Order 
Taurus (S)RC-7 Yes Special Order 
School MasterRC-8 Written on plans Special Order 
School GirlRC-9 Written on plans Special Order 
Top DawgRC-10 Written on plans Special Order 
HeadMasterRC-11A Written on plans Special Order 
Kwik-Fli IIIRC-12 Written on plans Special Order 
S.E. 5A (S)RC-13 PDF 1.4MB Special Order 
Nobler (S)RC-14 PDF 1.3MB Special Order 
ContenderRC-15 Written on plansSportSpecial Order 
P-51B MustangRC-16 Written on plansFighterSpecial Order 
P-40 WarhawkRC-17 Written on plans Special Order 
P-39 Aircobra (Bell)RC-18 Written on plansFighterSpecial Order 
P-47 D Thunderbolt ('76) (S)RC-19 PDF 683KFighterSpecial Order 
Freshman TrainerRC-20 YesTrainerSpecial Order 
F4U 1A CorsairRC-21+ ZIP 2.3MBFighterSpecial Order 
Contender 40 SportRC-22 NoSportSpecial Order 
F8F-2 Bearcat (S)RC-23 YesFighterSpecial Order 
HeadMaster Sport 40RC-24 Written on plans Special Order 
A6M2 Zero (S)RC-25 PDF 2.6MBFighterSpecial Order 
School Master IIRC-26 Written on plans Special Order 
HeadMaster Sport ARF VersionRC-27 Yes N/A (ARF) 
J-3 Piper Cub (S)RC-28 PDF 3.5MB Special Order 
Metrick (S)RC-29 PDF 1.1MB2m SailplaneSpecial Order 
Hot Kanary (S)RC-30 ZIP 3.3MBAerobatic BiplaneSpecial Order 
Antares (S)RC-31 PDF 2.0MBSailplaneSpecial Order 
Elder 20 / Elder 20 Float Kit (S)RC-32/32F PDF 1.5MBBiplaneSpecial Order 
Elder 40 (S)RC-33 PDF 2.1MBBiplaneSpecial Order 
Holy Smoke (S)RC-34 PDF 568KBiplaneSpecial Order 
Wristcrat (S)RC-35 PDF 839KHandlaunch SailplaneSpecial Order 
KittiWake (S)RC-36 PDF 1.3MBAerobatic SeaplaneSpecial Order 
Elder 60 biplane (S)RC-37 PDF 2.2MBBiplaneSpecial Order 
Phasoar 035 (S)RC-38 PDF 1.2MBSailplaneSpecial Order 
NoblerN1 Written on plansControl LineSpecial Order 
Flite StreakN2 Written on plansControl LineSpecial Order 
Jr Flite StreakN3 Written on plansControl LineSpecial Order 
Baby Flite StreakN4 Written on plansControl LineSpecial Order 
Combat StreakN5 Written on plansControl LineSpecial Order 
Junior NoblerN6 Written on plansControl LineSpecial Order 
PeacemakerN7 Written on plansControl LineSpecial Order 
Combat CatsN8 Written on plansControl LineSpecial Order 
Combat KittensDouble Kit N9 Written on plansControl LineSpecial Order 
Streak TrainerN10 Written on plansControl LineSpecial Order 
P51B StuntN11 Written on plansControl LineNone available 
Cosmic WindN12 Written on plansControl LineSpecial Order 
Hawker Hurricane 24"N13 NoControl LineNone available 
Tutor AerobaticN14 Written on plansControl LineSpecial Order 
Gieseke NoblerN15 Written on plansControl LineSpecial Order 
P40 WarhawkS1 Written on plansScale Control LineSpecial Order 
P47 ThunderboltS2 Written on plansScale Control LineSpecial Order 
P51 MustangS3 Written on plansScale Control LineSpecial Order 
1/2 A ZeroS20     
HelicatS21   None available 
TigersharkS50 Written on plansScale Control LineSpecial Order 
Hawker HurricaneS51 Written on plansScale Control LineSpecial Order 
+The TOPQ8075 Cowl (for the current Corsair) will also fit this kit.
Some manuals are J-Peg images that have been compressed into ZIP files. To open them after downloading, you will need a file archive utility. After that you may use your browser or graphics program to view the images. Please note that these are scans of old manuals and the quality of the images may be less than ideal.

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