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I did not find the answer to my question here. How do I get further assistance?

I want to purchase replacement parts for a Top Flite product. How do I do that?

The answer to your question depends on the kind of product AND the particular item you need to purchase:

  1. I need to buy replacement hardware from any Top Flite item (kit or tool).

    Nearly every individual hardware item included in any Top Flite product is available through your favorite hobby shop as a regular stocked item. (For example, the 60-120 sized adjustable engine mount, EM60120L&R in our kits, can be purchased through your favorite hobby shop by ordering GPMG1091.) Please visit your favorite hobby shop with a copy of your product's parts list to help them locate the exact item quickly and easily.

  2. I need to buy replacement parts for my tool, such as a new shoes for my trim seal tool.

    Some parts are available for tools through your favorite hobby shop. For example, the replacement feet for the trim seal tool are TOPR2300. Please visit your favorite hobby shop and ask them to check to see if the specific replacement item you need is available.

  3. I need to buy replacement parts for my wood built up Gold Edition kit, such as replacing a die cut sheet which I accidentally damaged or buy replacement pieces to rebuild a damaged aircraft.

    You can purchase each and every individual item that was packaged in your kit. Please use the parts list and plans provided with your model to assist you in determining the exact items you need to order or you may click here to go to our parts pages to assist you. For example, the upper fuselage sides for a Gold Ed Corsair 60 are CRS6F16 and the lower fuselage sides are CRS6F17. Please contact your favorite dealer to special order these parts for you, which may provide you some savings from full retail pricing as well as shipping. Alternatively, you can purchase replacement parts directly from us, by simply providing us your mailing address and the stock # of the item you require, as well as a method of payment. You can fax or mail us with a credit card # (Visa/MasterCard) or mail a check. FAX 217-398-7721; mail: PO Box 788, Urbana IL 61801.

    Shipping charges -
    • $11.25 - Regular Parcel Post or regular UPS with in the US only
    • $22.50 - COD with in the US only
    • $28.25 - 2nd day UPS with in the US only
    • $38.25 - Next day UPS with in the US only
    • $29.25 - Outside the US

  4. I need to buy replacement parts for my wood built up PRE-Gold Edition (RC-#) kit, such as replacing a die cut sheet which I accidentally damaged or buying replacement pieces to rebuild a damaged aircraft.

    Unfortunately, the pre-Gold Edition kits have been discontinued for so long that we do not have any parts at all for these aircraft. We do, however, have copies of plans and manuals for some of them. If you need plans or manual for an old RC-XX kit, please see the manuals FAQ.

I live in the U.S. and need to have my Top Flite tool serviced. Where do I send it?

Please contact the Horizon Hobby, LLC Service Center for assistance.

I would like to purchase a copy of the manual and/or plans for my (insert discontinued model here). My dealer has already confirmed you have no more in stock. Is there any way you can help me?

If we no longer stock your manual or plans BUT we still have a file copy, we do offer you a way to replace these vital tools. We can have our office copy of a manual photocopied or send our office copy of plans out for blue line copying for you at a charge of:

Manual: $10 plus shipping (see below)
Plans: $30 plus shipping (see below)

  • $11.25 - Regular Parcel Post or regular UPS with in the US only
  • $22.50 - COD with in the US only
  • $28.25 - 2nd day UPS with in the US only
  • $38.25 - Next day UPS with in the US only
  • $29.25 - Outside the US
(Note: Items need to be sent out for copying so please allow 4-6 weeks for us to fill requests. Unfortunately, we cannot scan, email or fax these items.)

Please fax us at 217-398-7721 the information requested below including credit card information for payment (Visa/MasterCard), or mail us a check to:

Horizon Hobby, LLC Service Center
1608 Interstate Drive
Champaign IL 61822

Unfortunately, we are unable to send out via open account (with an invoice) due to our computer system setup.

PLEASE NOTE: We require the following information:

  1. The name of the specific kit (ie. RC-21 Corsair) (as much info as you have if you are not sure of the exact name);
  2. Your mailing and daytime contact information;
  3. Your payment information; and
  4. Your return email address to provide you confirmation of your order.

Please note that copied manuals cannot be returned or refunded. If you are unsure the name/make/model # of your kit, please ask for help from fellow modelers to be sure your purchase is correct. Please be sure you provide us the kit # or full kit name when we take an order to copy your manual or plans, as we cannot refund the cost if what you receive is incorrect.

Why did you discontinue a certain kit? Was there something wrong with it? Will you ever produce more? How can I get one, if my dealer says he has no more in stock?

First, if you are asking about the Top Flite Giant Mustangs, this is an unusual case. Neither Giant Mustang is actually discontinued; however, we are producing only one model at a time. Therefore, there will be times when we have stock of one but not the other. If you really want the model which is out of stock, please just be patient until that version is produced again.

In all other cases, if your favorite hobby shop can no longer order the kit for you, then it is discontinued. Unfortunately, there comes a time in every kit's life where it is no longer produced. In many cases it is simply not economically feasible to produce an entire run of the model. In some, the kit has been succeeded by a newer model, such as the UltraSport 40's replacement by the Tracer 40. Lastly, sometimes molds, dies or other parts are no longer usable. At any of these points, the kit is discontinued. Occasionally, due to popular demand, we may do a limited production run, or even re-engineer and reproduce a former kit. However, there is no way of knowing if that may occur with the model you have requested.

We are currently stocking plans, manuals and parts for many discontinued models, as we do for all our models for several years after their discontinuation, until our parts stock is depleted. At that point, those items are no longer available either. (*Please note that we do not have any parts for pre-Gold Edition kits. To purchase copies of our file copy of plans or manuals for a pre-Gold Edition kit, please click here.)

As far as purchasing another one, if your dealer cannot order it for you then we have no more available. However, if the model was only discontinued recently chances are good many hobby shops still DO have the model. We recommend using our dealer locator to contact other dealers in your area who may have the model. You might also try an internet search for R/C sites with swap shops to help you locate your desired model, as well as swap shops.

Please explain your warranty coverage.

As with any company's warranty, the warranty period starts from the date of original purchase. Strictly speaking, an item sent for warranty service must include a proof of purchase date. This eliminates any questions about the warranty period and its expiration. Unfortunately, this includes items received as gifts. If an item is purchased by another individual, hopefully you will have no problems in obtaining a receipt to validate a warranty claim, or that individual can send it to us for warranty coverage. Items that are purchased used will have no warranty, neither will an unused item sold to a second owner, unless the original purchase date can be proved. A warranty is only to the original purchaser. A bill of sale between individuals is not considered a valid purchase receipt.

If you believe you have an item which warrants a warranty claim and you are in the U.S., please contact the Horizon Hobby, LLC Service Center

If you have any questions regarding warranty coverage, please do not hesitate to contact our warranty center, Horizon Hobby, LLC Service Center, at, or 217-398-0007 (M-F 9-5 Central Time) or fax at 217-398-7721.

I emailed a question to your product support address. How soon will I get an answer?

If you emailed our support teams, you should receive an automated response immediately or nearly immediately. (This automated response will inform you our normal response time is by the end of the next business day and provide you other important details to assist you.) If you did not receive a computer generated response within 24 hours, then something was wrong and your email was not received properly or there is something wrong with your reply to address set up in your email account. Please resend the email to us with a note that this is a second copy and please be SURE to provide us your full email address as well as at least one other means of daytime contact (phone, message #, fax, alternate email address).

Can you please email me the plans for your (insert kit name here) model?

Unfortunately, no. Our plans are not available in an email format. However, you can purchase plans for any of our current kits through your favorite hobby shop, or we can provide you blue line copies of discontinued plans.

I am looking for further information on a discontinued product, but I couldn't find anything on your web site. Where can I find the information I need?

We will be happy to assist you. Please be advised, however, that depending upon how old your discontinued item is, we may only have limited information available to provide you. Please contact product support, being sure to provide full detailed information on your model, your full email address and at least 1 other means of daytime contact in your email.

I did not find the answer to my question here. How do I get further assistance?

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