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AT-6 Texan ARF
Almost-Ready-to-Fly .60-Size warbird

AT-6 Texan ARF

Fly With The Greatest Generation

Ready to try scale Warbirds? Then you're ready to join – R/C style – with the heroic WWII pilots who first earned warbird wings in the cockpit of the famous Texan military trainer. From its authentic trim scheme to the scale cockpit interior, this Gold Edition ARF does the original proud. It's your turn to be a scale ace...and Top Flite makes it easy!
  • Assembles in 18-25 hours.

  • Built-up and sheeted wood construction, with fiberglass cowl and aluminum spinner.

  • Sturdy, high-quality mechanical retractable landing gear.

  • Historically accurate, high-visibility WWII Navy trim scheme.

AT-6 Texan ARF

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Wheel Covers
Top Flite pays attention to scale realism long past the point that most other manufacturers consider "good enough". One example: the Texan's wheel covers, which look much like those included on the original full-size aircraft.
Parts Layout
Gold Edition quality distinguishes this model from all other ARFs. In addition to the factory-built and covered wood main sections, Top Flite includes realistic wheel covers, replica radial engine, greenhouse canopy and many other fine scale parts.
2-stroke Engine
An ideal 2-stroke engine choice for the Gold Edition AT-6 Texan ARF is the 61FX from O.S.® Engines (OSMG0561).
4-stroke Engine
Enjoy 4-stroke muscle and fuel economy by powering your Texan with the O.S. Surpass™ FS-91S II (OSMG0896).
Fiberglass cowl
The painted fiberglass cowl is topped off with an aluminum spinner and realistic replica radial engine. Easy-to-install fiberglass air intakes and exhaust stacks provide a head-turning touch of authentic WWII Texan detail.
Cockpit Detail
Impressive in itself, the greenhouse canopy surrounds a wealth of intricate cockpit detail – including instrument panels with dials and other details; painted pilot and co-pilot busts; and a rollover bar between them.
Mechanical Retracts
For the ultimate scale experience, Top Flite includes durable, well-engineered mechanical retracts that give inexperienced low-wing pilots the extra strength needed to withstand an occasional unpolished landing.
Use the AT-6 Texan's flaps to increase altitude faster at takeoff – or to reduce speed and decrease the distance needed for landing. A steerable tailwheel (not shown) makes it easy to stay in control on the ground.
Use the Texan's ailerons to expand your control skills for flying new maneuvers – like those learned by WWII fighters-in-training for succeeding in combat. Its forgiving airfoil is also well-suited for pilots moving up to the challenges of a scale low-wing.
AT-6 Texan ARF
AT-6 Texan ARF
AT-6 Texan ARF
AT-6 Texan ARF
AT-6 Texan ARF
AT-6 Texan ARF
AT-6 Texan ARF
AT-6 Texan ARF
AT-6 Texan ARF
AT-6 Texan ARF
AT-6 Texan ARF

Stock Number: TOPA0965
Wingspan: 69 in (1755 mm)
Wing Area: 730 in² (47.1 dm²)
Weight: 8.5-9.5 lb (3.8-4.3 kg)
Wing Loading: 27-30 oz/ft² (82-91 g/dm²)
Length: 51 in (1295 mm)
Requires: 6-channel radio w/8 servos & 2-stroke .61 cu in or 4-stroke .70-.91 cu in engine.
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