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At its introduction in 1940, the Zero was the most devastatingly effective aircraft in the air. Its long range and incredible performance made it virtually untouchable in combat with contemporary aircraft. With speed and maneuverability unmatched by anything in the sky, the Zero utterly dominated its enemies early in WWII.
This Top Flite model is a tribute to these legendary aircraft. It's designed to be scale in appearance and performance. It maintains ease of flight and good maneuverability on the ground with a thick airfoil, large wing and wide stance landing gear. Make no mistake, this Zero is no trainer. It's a sleek bird with maneuverability worthy of its legendary namesake. The Zero is sure to draw crowds at the airfield and give you hundreds of hours of high-octane thrills.
  • Built-up and sheeted airframe components come finished in flat MonoKote film.
  • Prehinged control surfaces and painted fiberglass parts reduce assembly time.
  • Designed for Robart retractable landing gear.
  • Optional drop tank.
Gold Edition, MonoKote Covering, IMAA Legal

Radio Compartment
A large radio compartment makes it easy to install your radio and access other on-board equipment.
Cowling Detail
A molded fiberglass cowling includes many scale details including stealth mounted gun ports. An included aluminum 2-bladed spinner adds to the convenience of the model. A 3-blade spinner, shown, is available separately.
Cockpit and Instrument Panel
Plenty of extraordinary details can be found in the Zero's cockpit, including recessed gauges, control stick, a pilot's seat and side panels. (Pilot not included).
A highly detailed pilot made specifically for the Top Flite Zero is available separately from
Flap Detail
The Zero's split flaps are historically accurate and they're also prehinged for faster assembly.
Tail Cone
A smooth molded fiberglass tail cone cleans up the lines of the Zero and further improves the scale authenticity of the aircraft.
Optional Drop Tank
Japanese pilots frequently used external fuel tanks to get extra miles out of their Zeros. For modelers that want to go the extra mile, a scale drop tank is available separately. This piece adds to the realism of the fighter and lets you simulate tank drops!
Retractable Landing Gear
Robart Retracts add scale realism to your Zero. Both pneumatic and electric versions are available. Check the Product Recommendations for full details. Two-piece landing gear covers are included in the kit.
Antenna Detail
Special attention has been paid to every piece of the Zero to ensure that it is not only realistic and scale, but also convenient. The scale antenna mast is magnetically attached for easy removal prior to transportation and the greenhouse canopy is meticulously designed to resemble the full-scale version in every detail.
The P-51D has an aluminum spinner and molded dummy exhaust pipes added for authenticity.
Your Zero is pre-covered in Monokote for the most accurate trim scheme possible.
In Action In Action In Action In Action
In Action In Action In Action In Action

Please note: all recommendations were the best choices available at the time of product release.
Please check with your dealer for additional choices.
ROBQ1649 Robart® Electric Retractable Main Landing Gear TOP Giant Zero
ROBQ2231 Robart® Fork Electric Retract Tail Wheel
ROBQ1648 Robart® Pneumatic Retractable Main Landing Gear TOP Giant Zero
ROBQ2230 Robart® Fork Pneumatic Retract Tail Wheel

TOPA1956 Top Flite Drop Tank
TOPA1954 Top Flite 3-Blade Spinner Giant Zero ARF

FUTK9410 Futaba 14SG 14-Channel Computer Radio System
FUTM0102 (7) Futaba S9402 Servo High-Speed Coreless BB
FUTM0031 (1-2) Futaba S3003 Servo Standard (Throttle and optional choke servo)
FUTM0034 (1-2) Futaba S3102 Aircraft Micro Metal Gear Servo (for optional bomb drop and ignition on/off switch)
FUTM0034 (1) Futaba S3102 Micro Metal-Gear Servo (pneumatic retracts only)
DLEG0455 DLE Engines DLE-55cc Rear Exhaust Gas Engine

OSMG1560 O.S.® GT-60 Gasoline Engine w/o muffler
DLEG0060 DLE™ Engines 60 cc Gasoline Engine w/Electronic Ignition
JTCG1035 J-TEC Radiowave Muffler for DA/DLE 50-55

Stock Number: TOPA0712
Wingspan: 86 in (2185 mm)
Wing Area: 1276 in² (82.3 dm²)
Weight: 25.5-27.5 lb (11.5-12.4 kg)
Wing Loading: 46-50 oz/ft² (140-153 g/dm²)
Length: 70.5 in (1790 mm)
Radio Required: Radio system with a minimum of 7 channels (8-channel or greater recommended),
8-12 servos, 50-60cc gasoline engine and Robart retracts.

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