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P-47D Thunderbolt Gold Edition

The "Jug" is back, and better than ever!

P-47D Thunderbolt Photo

Though it may not have been considered "sleek", the P-47D Thunderbolt was nonetheless a durable, dependable fighter during WWII, with a reputation for returning pilots home alive. Top Flite has brought this nostalgic aircraft back to life with an authentic 1/8 sport scale version of the "Bonnie" P-47D-23 Razorback. As with all Top Flite Warbirds, careful attention to detail is evident throughout, and Gold Edition kit engineering means any intermediate-level modeler will enjoy building and flying this faithful reproduction of a vintage warrior.

  • Computer-designed interlocking parts allow the P-47D to go together quickly and accurately. Photo-illustrated instructions and full-size, rolled plans help the assembly process go smoothly.

  • Many precision-formed scale parts add to the authenticity of the plane's appearance.

  • The airfoils used on the P-47D Thunderbolt were developed by Dr. Michael Selig of the Low Speed Airfoil Test Program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. They provide stable, more forgiving R/C warbird flight.

  • High-quality hardware comes with the kit, making building and flying the P-47D even more enjoyable.

Dr. Selig Computer
Dr. Michael Selig developed the P-47D airfoils using state-of-the-art computational aerodynamics software. As a result, this P-47D offers a slow stall speed, excellent stall resistance, and superb handling characteristics throughout its speed range.

The specialy-designed airfoils deliver exceptionally smooth flight, instilling a higher level of confidence in pilots.
Bubble canopy
This optional conversion package (TOPA1616) transforms the P-47D-23 Thunderbolt into the distinctive D-25 version, the original P-47D model introduced by Top Flite almost 30 years ago. Contains canopy, decals and color 3-views; wood parts and instructions are included with the Thunderbolt kit.
Computer engineering
3-D computer engineering produces parts that fit with absolute precision for straight, strong assembly.
Flying shot
Slotted flaps provide function as well as scale appearance, concealing the control horns internally to maintain scale lines.

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Stock Number: TOPA0135
Wingspan: 63 in (1600 mm)
Wing Area: 713 in² (46 dm²)
Weight: 8-10 lb (3.63-4.54 kg)
Wing Loading: 27-32 oz/ft² (82-98 g/dm²)
Fuselage Length: 55 in (1400 mm)
Engine Required: 2-stroke .61-.90 cu in or 4-stroke .91-1.20 cu in
Radio Required: 4-7 channel w/4-8 servos
Suggested MonoKote Colors: Aluminum, Olive Drab and Black.
Recommended Scale Options: Warbird Pilot; P-47 Cockpit Kit (TOPQ8405); Fuel Drop Tank 108 Gallon (TOPQ7899); Fuel Drop Tank 75 Gallon (TOPQ7900); P-47 D-25 Conversion Kit (TOPA1616); Replica Radial Engine (TOPQ7902); In-Cowl Muffler (TOPQ7915). Muffler requires header—TOPQ7920 for O.S. engines
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