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Cockpit Kits

Cockpit kits

Add scale detail to your cockpit the fast, easy way!

  • Molded parts create the floor, side and rear panels, front and rear seats, instrument panel and control yokes.

  • Make knobs, buttons, carpeting and seat belts from material supplied.

  • Included decals reproduce radios (and gauges with the Cessna)—and the instruction booklet gives tips for making miniature maps and magazines!

  • Kits can be installed during model assembly or into the completed Top Flite airplane.


Click on a photo for a larger view. Click on the plane name to see it's product page.
Cessna Cockpit kit photo
Download the manual

Spitfire Cockpit photo
Download the manual

F4U Corsair Cockpit Kit photo
F4U Corsair
Download the manual

P-47 Cockpit Kit photo
P-47 Thunderbolt
Download the manual

Giant P-51D Cockpit Kit photo
Giant P-51D
Download the manual

Giant Corsair Cockpit Kit photo
Giant Corsair
Download the manual

Giant Stinson Reliant Cockpit Kit photo
Giant Stinson Reliant
Download the manual

Giant P-47D Thunderbolt Cockpit Kit photo
Giant P-47D Thunderbolt
Download the manual

Sea Fury Cockpit Kit photo
Sea Fury
Download the manual

T-34B Mentor Cockpit Kit photo
T-34B Mentor
Download the manual


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