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Power Point Props

Power Point Props

Deliver more of what modelers want most Power!

Lighter than maple, stiffer than nylon, Power Point Props deliver more power and performance for the price of a prop. Made of lightweight beechwood, Power Point Props have less mass to move, leaving more power to create thrust. And because they won't bend or flex at high rpm, their constant, true-pitch design delivers maximum efficiency all the way out to the swept, tapering tip.

Power Point Props
  • Improves performance for engines .09 through giant-scale

  • Competitively priced and backed by Top Flite craftsmanship and quality

  • Power Point Props' swept tip design keeps performance high.

Stock NumberSizePrice 
TOPQ50007 x 4
TOPQ50107 x 6
TOPQ50208 x 4
TOPQ50308 x 6
TOPQ50509 x 4
TOPQ50559 x 5
TOPQ50609 x 6
TOPQ50659 x 7
TOPQ507510 x 4
TOPQ508010 x 5
TOPQ508510 x 6
TOPQ508610 x 7
TOPQ509010 x 8
TOPQ509511 x 4
TOPQ510511 x 6
TOPQ511011 x 7
TOPQ512011 x 8
TOPQ512511 x 10
TOPQ514012 x 6
TOPQ514512 x 8
TOPQ515513 x 6
TOPQ516013 x 8
TOPQ517014 x 6
TOPQ517114 x 8
TOPQ517515 x 6
TOPQ517615 x 6-10
TOPQ518015 x 8
TOPQ520016 x 6
TOPQ520516 x 8
TOPQ521518 x 6
TOPQ521618 x 6-10
TOPQ522018 x 8
TOPQ523120 x 6-10
TOPQ523520 x 8
TOPQ524020 x 10
TOPQ524122 x 6-10
TOPQ526022 x 10
TOPQ526524 x 8
TOPQ527024 x 10

Use our handy prop chart to find the right size for your engine.

To balance your props and prolong the life of your engine, use the incredibly accurate Power Point Precision Magnetic Balancer.

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