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Added realism - reduced drag!

Fixed gear is fine for sport planes. But when you've spent time scaling out your masterpiece, retracts are the only choice. Retracts do more than make your model look more like the full-size aircraft - they improve performance by making it more aerodynamic. See below for mains to fit your airplane!

Pneumatic Retracts (TOPQ8276)

Pneumatic Retracts (TOPQ8276)
Application: Top Flite DC-3 Kit (TOPA0500)

Created for the Top Flite DC-3 Kit (TOPA0500), these durable mains feature steel hinge pins and stamped and tubular steel construction. Includes hinged, cross-braced front legs and a "Y" leg to brace and stabilize the gear when deployed. Hinged mounting plates simplify installation.

Height (extended): 5-3/4 in (146 mm)
Width: 2-1/8 in (54 mm)
Axle Diameter: 1/8 in (3.2 mm)
Includes: Right and left main gears plus air cylinders
    ROBQ2302 Robart® Air Control Kit
    ROBQ2363 Robart Hand Pump
    _________ 3-1/4" Wheels (2)
    GPMQ3743 Great Planes® All-Thread Rod 4-40 x 12" (12)
    GPMQ3794 Great Planes Steel Clevis 4-40 (2)
    Miscellaneous mounting hardware
Note: DC-3 does not include wheels.

.60 Mechanical Retracts (TOPQ7950)

.60 Mechanical Retracts (TOPQ7950)
Applications: Top Flite P-51D Mustang, P-47D Thunderbolt and AT-6 Texan ARFs (TOPA0950*, TOPA0955 and TOPA0965)
Note: RE: For replacement only. All three ARFs include retractable mains, tailwheel assembly, (2) 3-1/4" wheels (3" for AT-6) and (1) 1-1/4" tailwheel.

Light, compact mechanical mains are simply designed, with self-lubricating nylon parts and a positive up-and-down lock for long-lasting, dependable use.

Length: 1-3/4 in (44 mm)
Width: 1-3/4 in (44 mm)
Height: 1-1/8 in (28 mm)
Includes: 2 retracts
    FUTM0031 (1) Futaba® S3003 Standard Servo or
    FUTM0004 (1) Futaba S3004 Standard BB Servo
    TOPA1735 Top Flite Strut Set (for P-51D) or
    TOPA1789 Top Flite Strut Set (for P-47D) or
    TOPA1748 Top Flite Strut Set (for AT-6)
    Miscellaneous mounting hardware
Note: All sets include (2) 5 mm diameter chrome-plated steel mains. TOPA1735 also includes a 4” (102 mm) tailwheel wire.

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